• WaterTied is a family-run company, inspired by our water-tied lifestyle and our need for functional and fashion-forward apparel and accessories for the whole family.

    Whether kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, sailing, we have you covered.

    We celebrate the multi-generational bonds that are created through shared activities, adventures and athletic pursuits in surroundings related to the water.

    Our children were raised by the water and have an instinctual curiosity and respect for the wondrous beauty of our waterfront and its inhabitants.

    We celebrate and promote this lifestyle by partnering with organizations whose reach extends to those who don’t have this opportunity as readily available.

    We are not just tied to the water and to each other, but also to positive contributions to society. WaterTied will continue to partner with organizations whose values align with ours and whose communities could benefit from the exposure to water-tied activities.